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Electronic Engineering
Considering virtually every ZDATUM layout customer is an engineer of sorts; over the years ZDATUM has achieved the unique benefit of partnering with only the very best of these engineers in order to provide absolute top notch Professional Engineering to our customers.  ZDATUM engineer partners have been selected for their technical specialty rather then a broad range of experience. We believe if you are developing a power supply, you will benefit most from a engineer specializing in power supply technology. If your circuit  is mixed technology, we can  have a variety of engineers collaborate based on their own respective specialty. ZDATUM employs engineers specializing in specifically Power Management, Pulse Width Modulation, Analog and Digital Video, Audio, RF, and Firmware Development.
Custom Designed Systems

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Mechanical CAD
Expert skills in 2D & 3D Mechanical design, and drafting with a complete understanding of commercial and military standards using AutoCad & Solidworks tools.

We have experience in thermal
and ruggedizing concepts.

PCB Thermal or Vibration Analysis
Using multiple parameters such as materials, power input, component wattage, ambient temperature, etc., we can determine what areas need to be addressed regarding Thermal & Vibration before actually designing and building prototypes. Also useful in troubleshooting existing designs.

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Cables & Wire Harnessing
In-house cabeling specialists for your commercial or Mil-STD cabling needs.

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Engineering Personnel
With one purchase order, ZDATUM can outfit your company with up to a full team of temporary engineering personnel (job shoppers) to work on your site as needed.  From a single in-house PCB designer, to a 12 engineer strong team to process a backlog of ECO's in no time.  Call for  more information.
sales @ zdatum.com
Phone: 818-357-5720   Fax: 818-357-5735
  9371 Canoga Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311